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Dedicated to my father and my son. I love & miss you both. May I see you both again.

My goal was to extend, improve and update the former the FloppyOffice v4.0 & Tiny USB Office v1.6.x packages, from 2003 & 2014, to more “full featured” toolkits, while retaining the “Light Weight & Fully Portable” packaging.

Using “Small is beautiful”, with a "Plus the kitchen sink" mindset, design philosophy; that being: attempt to be as inclusive as possible, being respectful to disk space and resource use. Java & .Net Framework requirements have been eliminated, so nearly ANY system able to run Windows Fundamentals For Legacy PC's (Basically Lighter XP SP3 32bit, ITS FREE BTW) can fully use EVERY included application.

The original FloppyOffice v4.0 & Tiny USB Office packages, created by Xtort.net, were small, portable productivity software suites, both of which offered a collection of unique, standalone, & free software applications. 

FloppyOffice v4.0, the last release, was last updated, in its floppy version, in 2004, Tiny USB Office 1.6.x, also a last release, was released in 2014. The authors website has been offline from atleast mid-2016.

If you find yourself working on different "older" machines and need portable software you can access, hassle-free, from any computer with AT-LEASE a  3.5" floppy drive, then this is the package for you.

I highly recommend the 16mb, & up, USB packages for most users. The floppy & Xtort.org homage packages are intended for "IT Professionals" & "Hobbyists" needing a floppy based and/or "Truly Tiny" toolkits.

All applications are GUI based freeware

Starting with the 16mb "Tiny Office+" (aazards edition) these toolkits, nearly, FULLY replace most commonly used pay-ware applications.


A: Starting at the 16mb pack and up:

Office Suite - Internet Suite - Safety Suite - System Suite - 3D, Art, Music, and Video Production Suite - Memory Manager - EVEN A MENU THAT WORKS PORTABLE OR ON PC!

PS: YES!ANY Plain text, Rich text TO Docx, Spreadsheets to Xlsx, Present in Pptx, EVEN csv, SQL and other Databases!

Almost ANY Image Format, 3D Modeling, Audio Editing, DDS, Normal-Maps, Video Editing, EVEN Live Streaming!

The 1gb Uber Alles Kit has EVERYTHING TO A PRO LEVEL!


  • Tiny USB Modern Office - 8mb: GitHub Release - Article & Description


Xtort.org Homage Editions:

Last Versions Of Originals Hosted @ MajorGeeks.com: Floppy Office Here & Tiny USB Office Here

  • 1.68mb (1680kb) DMF Floppy Office - An Xtort “FloppyOffice v4.0” 4mb 2021 UPDATED Homage Edition: GitHub Release - Article & Description
  • Tiny USB Office - An Xtort “Tiny USB Office v1.6.2926” 2021 UPDATED Homage Edition: GitHub Release - Article & Description


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